Scaling Solution with Privacy Protection

Azure is an Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution using cutting edge Zero Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine technology. Azure executes smart contract transactions in a way that works with both the current Ethereum infrastructure and zero-knowledge proof computations, increasing transaction throughput while lowering costs and protect the privacy.

Vision and mision

Azure as layer 2 Ethereum aims to overcome several main problems facing layer 1 blockchain technology, including scalability, cost efficiency, transaction speed and energy efficiency.
The ultimate goal of Azure is to enhance the blockchain scalability without compromising security and privacy.


Explore Azure Universe


Azure Privacy bridge dApps and bot

Azure's privacy bridge dApps and bot runs a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange service and offers a cutting-edge anonymous bridge dApp to simplify your cryptocurrency trading process.


Azure Dex dApps

Azure dexswap is a non-custodial decentralized exchange (DEX) platform built on Ethereum where users can exchange or swap any coin Simple, Easy and Fast.


Staking Platform

Earn rewards according to percentage of the tokens staked by staking your cryptocurrency through the Azure Staking Platform, monitoring your rewards, finding opportunities, and keeping self-custody of your assets.



Azure's testnet is a blockchain test environment where users, developers, and testers can test-run their projects such as deploy, swap, add lp etc without having to worry about tampering with the main blockchain.



Azurepad is a platform that offers projects a streamlined process to raise fund through token sales.


Locker and Token Creator

Azure's multichain locker lets users safely lock their tokens and liquidity. Create a token in less than a minute with Azure, no coding required.



Azure Wallet is a noncustodial cryptocurrency wallet that gives users access to decentralized applications (DApps) and a safe and secure environment.


Mainnet and Bridge

Azure mainnet is empowering zkEVM for scalability and fast execution of data. Azure Chain and Ethereum will be securely connected via Azure Bridge.


DeFi Platform

Azure DeFi platform is serving as a liquidity hub for all projects on Azure layer 2 blockchain.



Azure DAO is an autonomous, decentralized organization without a central governing body run using a smart contract code, the decision will execute by voting system.



  • Name : Azure

    Symbol : AZR

    CA : 0x47D20C7800906E01aDfC890F283C110bA70A6c97

  • Tax Buy/Sell

    5 % / 5%

  • Total Supply

    100 000 000



The initiation
  • Azure token launch on Uniswap
  • Development of Azure Universe
    started with Azure privacy bridge dApps and
    telegram bot, Dexswap and staking dApps
  • Brand awareness, such as collaborations,
    social media activity, and participation in
    cryptocurrency communities.
The development
  • Starting the blockchain development
    by launch a public testnet.
  • Ensure robustness of the blockchain
    by do some activities on testnet such as
    swap, deploy, add LP, etc.
  • Interacting with KOLs, CT, influencers and
    cryptocurrency communities.
The Expansion
  • Mainnet launching together with bridge and
    Launchpad integration to Azure chain
  • Mainnet ecosystem building including
    DeFi Platform, wallet for both iOS and android,
    and implementation of Azure Dao
  • Increase accesability by listing on
    many cryptocurrency exchange both DEX and CEX